100 Good Deeds


In celebration of the World Humanitarian Day on August 19, the Ministry of Community Development of UAE is launching the #100GoodDeeds campaign supporting the @UbuntuLoveChallenge.

The Ubuntu Love Challenge is an initiative that actively promotes the values ​​of tolerance and unity and establishes a culture of social responsibility where challenges are confronted with solution-focused projects and initiatives to ensure a brighter future.

Ubuntu, which translates to ‘I am because were’ is an ancient African mantra that centers on the concept that we are universally connected. As a result of this shared bond, we must tap into our innate power and act with humanity towards others who deserve it.


The #100GoodDeeds campaign will extend over a span of 100 days. The social challenge is open to all residents in the UAE and involves undertaking a good deed every day. Participants can share their daily progress on their social media platforms using hashtag #100GoodDeeds. We hope the momentum will create a ripple effect at a national, regional, and global level and lead to greater participation and more significant acts of kindness.

As members of the human race, we have a responsibility to participate in the #100GoodDeeds challenge. The campaign is an excellent opportunity for people from all walks of life to participate in societal, humanitarian, and developmental efforts. We especially hope it will provide fast relief to families, senior citizens, people of determination, youth, and children, who have been impacted by economic and pandemic challenges.

How to Participate

  1. Follow @mocduae and @ubuntulovechallenge
  2. Visit ubuntulovechallenge.org/100GoodDeeds
  3. Check out all the images for the 100 good deeds campaign
  4. Start with "Day 1" and make that good deed a reality in your life
  5. Add the image for Day 1's good deed to your social media post and write a personal caption for it. Make sure you use #100GoodDeeds so we can follow your journey.
  6. Now, do this until Day 100

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