The Constitution of the New Earth

Ubuntu is a global declaration of our interdependence.

I am because we are.

We, the people are fruits of the same seed.

We are bound by a universal bond that connects us all.

Held by the mother from whom we are not separate.

Our love and unity is water for the seeds of a new Earth.

We are living in unprecedented times.

Now more than ever, our actions matter.

It begins with us!

Revert back to the world as it was before we were forced to slow down?

Or step through to redesign the new earth?

We are the guardians of the choice before us.

We envision a world where the wellbeing of you and of all are at the center, not profit.

There is enough for everyone.

It is up to us to ensure that global resources are cared for and allocated with

compassion, humility, and respect for the earth we call home.

Our power lies in our shared humanity and our ability to organise

.Our success will be defined by our Ubuntu.

Our commitment to the powers of our oneness.

I am because we are

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

The time to act is now.

The movement has begun

Join us.

at the #UbuntuLoveChallenge

Live the power of love over fear.

Feel the power of this love in the center of your heart.

Our unity and love will change the path of humanity forever.

We will leave the Earth better than we found it.

About the Ubuntu Love Challenge

The #UbuntuLoveChallenge  is a global movement built on the core philosophy ofUbuntu with a mission to restore hope through a worldwide display of human collaboration and appreciation. (Y)our movement will inspire millions of people to rediscover their inner power, and mobilize their ingenuity to curb Corona Virus propagation.

This digital platform is yours. It aims at breaking the silos, ending asymmetry of information and amplifying love frequency around the planet. It will be your home, hosting projects collaboration, initiatives, knowledge, know-how, inspiring stories, beautiful poems, enchanting songs and different forms of art and science shared by change makers from around the world to help each of us and all of us grow stronger together.

The #UbuntuLoveChallenge encourages a civilian peer to peer collaboration to address current and upcoming challenges of this crisis, and collectively design solutions our common future. You have the power to change this world. “You are the one we have been waiting for.”

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