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People around the world are experiencing a remarkable period in history. An abyss is widening before us, but we mustn't let it come between us. We have an opportunity for deep interconnectedness. To be still and heard. Understood and embraced. To focus the universe's light on healing inequity, suffering, and divisiveness around the world.

We must act fast, and we must serve now.

The Ubuntu Love Festival is a celebration of our humanity, cultural wealth, and spiritual unity during these challenging times. It's a free global online live-steam festival with a program of speakers and workshops centered on mindfulness, meditation, music, yoga, art, and healing, as we venture on a path of enlightened and inclusive living.

The festival is a two-day event. DAY ONE themed: ‘Healing Humanity From Social and Racial Injustice’ was held during the 20th of June's 2020 solstice, where the Sun reached both its highest and lowest points in the northern and southern hemispheres. A symbol and transition of nature's eternal cycle of demise and rebirth. DAY TWO themed: ‘Co-creating the New Earth’ was held on the 5th of July 2020 during the penumbral lunar eclipse with a mission to challenge our way of thinking; to expand our consciousness; and to raise our vibrations to make way for the new paradigm.

To commemorate these occasions, we are bringing to you a curated series of events from leading practitioners, speakers and healers from across the globe to share with you inspiration, energy and enlightenment.

This is a momentous opportunity for all of us—a reminder not to gaze at the storm but on the devastation that it leaves in its wake and the impact it can have if we are not grounded in our love, compassion, and humanity.

Join us for an exciting 3rd Edition of the Ubuntu Festival

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2nd Edition. 5 July 2020

During this festival, some of the world’s greatest influencers came together to acknowledge the needs and means to usher in the New Earth founded on the global declaration of our Ubuntu — I am because we are.

1st Edition. 20 June 2020

The first Ubuntu Love Challenge was a celebration of our humanity, cultural wealth, and spiritual unity. Viewers enjoyed an array of activities including an inspiring panel discussion with spiritual healers, guided interactive yoga and meditation sessions; as well as music, healing, and dance sessions.

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