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30 Days of Ubuntu : Are you seeking a positive change or a way to support people in need?

Try these 30 Days of Ubuntu from our ideas bank page. Every positive effort counts, no matter its size. Just look at the power of the tiny seed that births a mighty tree. In this spirit, we’re sharing these 30 seeds of daily goodness to inspire your acts of love and kindness, one day at a time.


  • Read all 30 good deeds in the idea bank and visualize yourself, achieving them.

  • Start with idea number 1 and execute that good deed on the same day.

  • Copy the image from idea number 1 and use it to create a social media post for yourself. Add a personal message about your experience.

  • Use hashtag #LoveOverFear and tag @UbuntuLoveChallenge in your post so we can support your journey.

  • Do this for all 30 ideas. Tell your friends to start their own 30 Days of Ubuntu

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