Still She Rises

The Ubuntu Love Challenge is an international non-profit civilian peer-to-peer movement established to encourage global citizens and institutions to solve humanity's most significant challenges.

We have recently launched a successful global campaign to help people affected by the pandemic and economic downturn. Now, we want to put the focus on highlighting the powerful stories of women through a campaign called Still She Rises.

The stories of too many women facing untold adversity across the world remain untold.

Still She Rises is about supporting women on their journey to rise against the odds as powerful agents of embodied leadership and change.


Watch Our Firestarter Interviews

To commemorate the Elimination of Violence Against Women Day (25th November 2020), we have recorded over a dozen 30-60 minute online interviews with the help of a group of inspiring women. Women like Jacqueline Novogratz, Josina Machel, Zainab Salbi, Mmanti Umoh, and Sheikha Intisar Salem Al Ali Al Sabah, to name a few. We call these women Firestarters, and their video interviews are available to view on our Youtube channel for free.

As one story ends, another begins, a testament to our interconnectedness. As we weave these stories together about women overcoming adversity, we aim to strengthen the fabric of justice, fairness, and equality that blankets women in their rise. Our goal is to encourage as many women (and men) to champion women’s empowerment worldwide. WATCH NOW

Participate in the #iam Challenge

The #iamwill be a global social media-based community challenge to encourage women to answer ten-times Who They Are in a social media post. Each Firestarter responded to this question 10 times in their respective interviews, so our #iam Challenge taps into the intrinsic power of this question too. Here’s what your #iam social media challenge post could look like (actual answers from a Firestarter interview):

  • I am a medicine woman
  • I am a changemaker
  • I am empowered
  • I am creating magic
  • I am an artist
  • I am dancing between shadow and light, fear and love, masculine and feminine
  • I am a lover
  • I am mother nature, and mother nature is me
  • I am possibility
  • I am the womb.

#iam #stillsherises

Once completed, challenge a friend to join the #iam challenge by tagging them in your post.

In weaving these stories together, we will demonstrate our interconnectedness and strengthen the fabric of justice, fairness, and equality that unites women across the globe.

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